tropicfeel cala review

Adaptable Travel Shoes: Tropicfeel Sunset Review

They say that 3 is the perfect number, and after the Monsoon and Canyon Tropicfeel came out in 2020 with their third sustainable travel shoes model. Here you can find the Tropicfeel Cala review, the most versatile travel shoes on the market.

*Update Summer 2021: the model changed its name from Cala to Tropicfeel Sunset.

Tropicfeel Sunset Review

This new model was designed to push furthermore the boundaries of the “all-terrain” concept, to adapt to the needs of modern travellers with a pair of urban looking and adventure proof shoes. I have been testing this model along a journey that took me all around Italy. From the city centre of Rome to the beaches of the Conero riviera on the west side, passing by Florence, Venice, and the Alps. Did Tropicfeel achieve its goal of creating the most adaptable travel shoes on the market? Let’s find it out!

Comfort 4,5/5

tropicfeel cala review

It’s almost like a barefoot walk. With the development of the models, also the comfort has increased. The Tropicfeel Sunset is the best flat shoes I have ever owned, much lighter than my old vans and more comfortable for long walks than my stylish converse. Even after 20-25 km in a day, I never noticed any pain or problems. You will even forget you are wearing a pair of shoes.

Materials 4,5/5

This time there hasn’t been a clear improvement in the quality of the materials like in the passage between the Monsoon and the Canyon. In fact, the Tropicfeel Sunset seems to maintain the same standards of the previous model. Another element they kept is sustainability, for every pair of shoes Tropicfeel uses 6 recycled plastic bottles. But the big improvement here is in the weight, as the new model weight just 228 grams per shoe this means that you will LITERALLY be able to bring them wherever you go.

Construction 4/5

tropicfeel cala review

Oh if they are solid! Even if this model looks less suitable for hikes and mountain adventure than the Canyon the resistance and the grip are almost equivalent. Of course, from a safety point of view, I always suggest bringing proper mountain shoes while doing trekking or hiking in order to protect your feet and ankles. But these shoes can be a great substitute.  Plus, the positive aspect of the Tropicfeel Sunset is that they are super lightweight and packable and they will allow you to create some space in your backpack for an extra pair of shoes!

Price 5/5

How much would you pay for limitless comfort and flexibility? How much would you pay for environmental friendly shoes? Let me tell you, only 99€. If compared with some low-cost, cheap plastic made shoes it may seem a big amount but trust me, Tropicfeel Sunset will repay themself with their comfort and adaptability while travelling. Moreover, if you use the code COUPON_10 you can get a 10% off.

Conclusion: Most Versatile Travel Shoes

tropicfeel cala review
Signs after 40 days of travel no stop with the Sunset as the only pair of shoes

Another jackpot by Tropicfeel. They revolutionised the market of travel shoes and they are improving, model after model, their product in order to reach step by step the perfection. Can you travel with the Tropicfeel Sunset as your only shoes? Yes, you can and you will enjoy it!

Get you Tropicfeel Sunset now with 10% off using the code COUPON_10

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