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Minute Hacks: 3 ways to approach Sustainable Tourism

Welcome back on Minute Hacks the series of short contents that will revolutionise your life in one minute.

This week I would like to introduce you one of the base principles of the project The Sustainable Tour: Sustainable Tourism. In this short article, you will find 3 easy tips on how to approach sustainable tourism.

3 ways to approach Sustainable Tourism

Tip 1: Avoid High Season

3 ways to approach Sustainable Tourism

One of the ideas at the base of the concept of Sustainable Tourism is to avoid, whenever possible, to travel during that moment of the year so-called “high season” this is really important especially if you are thinking to visit a popular destination. This approach, while planning, will help you to upgrade your travel experience by allowing you to avoid overcrowded places but most important you won’t have to make any compromise during your holiday. No more fully booked places, no more lines. You will have the opportunity to respect the environment from one side and to create a unique travel experience from the other. P.S. This approach is also sustainable for your personal finances.

Tip 2: Eat Local!

eat local: approach sustainable tourism

There always has been a link between great travel experience and good local food. Often, in fact, the discovery process of a new culture is strictly related to the discovery of the local cuisine. That is why it is fundamental to always try to eat local food while abroad. If you can, try always to look for local restaurants that are selling km 0 food. This will allow you to live a more sustainable and authentic travel experience. P.S. pay attention to the Montezuma’s revenge, especially if you are eating “exotic food” 😉

Tip 3: Support the Local Communities

Eat local food it is also a good way to support the local economies. This is also a part of the third tip: support the local communities. As travellers, our “role” it is not only to absorb and learn as much as possible from the local communities but it is also to create a positive impact on the local communities. The creation of a good relationship with locals, trying to experiment with their style of life will allow you to transform your “normal trip” into an unforgettable travel experience.


Those three tips are one basic approach to sustainable tourism, of course, those points could be improved and there any many other ways to transform your trips into more sustainable ones, but indeed this could be a good start if it is your first time approaching this style of travelling.


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