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Best 5 last-minute Sustainable Gifts

As every year you are here looking for some last-minute gift ideas for this holiday season? No worries. This is the post for you. As never before, this has been the year of awareness for climate change and sustainability. This is why we at The Sustainable Tour really believe that the attention should be focused on the quality of the gifts and not on the quantity.  We believe that now more than ever the best gift you can give to someone is an experience. Something that could really change the life of your beloved ones. But if you are still looking for the perfect gift for this holidays season, we are here to help you! Inside this post, we tried to select the best mix of last-minute sustainable gifts and experiences you can buy this year! The common word? Sustainability.

Here there are the best 5 last-minute sustainable gifts:


Gift a TREE

bamboo forest kyoto

Yes, I know. You are thinking how do I pack a tree? No worries. You can easily purchase a tree online at and easily gift it to someone just by typing their email. They will receive directly the gift on their inbox. We really believe in gifting trees as an inexpensive way (starting at 15€) to put a smile on someone face and to act concretely for the environment (that is why we launched our The Sustainable Tour Forest). By gifting a tree you will help to reduce the CO2 emissions and, at the same time, based on the variety of tree selected you will support local economies in developing countries. By giving them the possibility to grow their economies with the fruits produced by the trees in the next years. A really long term gift. Coffee, Avocado or Cocoa? Which one you will gift?


airbnb experiences infographic

In 2019 Airbnb launched a new program called Airbnb Experience, where local people from all over the world with the passion for travels could offer their expertise on their cities allowing you to live a unique experience as a local. Food Tours, Surf Classes, High Hikes and incredible Adventures, you can really find everything on the platform. The good thing? You can choose the experience according to your budget. It takes only 5 minutes to book an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. Book with our link and get 34€ off on your first experience.


tropicfeel canyon shoes

Since their launch on Kickstarter, Troopicfeel Shoes became the most popular travel designed shoes for travellers. We had the opportunity to try the Moonson, that we reviewed a couple of months ago, and we are currently testing the new model: the Canyon. Both of them are really great travel shoes being at the same time comfortable, durable and extremely light. Bust most important, they are sustainable. The shoes are entirely made of recycled polyester. A durable product that respects nature, this is an example of sustainable purchase. They are on sale starting at 89€. P.S. use the code TST10 to get 10% off your order. Moreover, there is a Christmas offer ongoing, check it out!


One of the best thing you could ever gift? A trip around Europe! From London to Berlin, passing through Amsterdam and Paris.  Starting at 151€ you can gift an Interrail Pass and the possibility to take an incredible train (and sustainable!) journey around Europe. There are different options of Interrail passes, basically for any budget that includes also a single country pass starting at 59€! Gift a unique experience on the rails!


WAYKS ONE Backpack Review

Speaking of sustainable products, another of the elements that may be fundamental for travellers, after shoes, is indeed a durable and well-built backpack. There are many that could fit in this category, but one left the sign on us during the last year the WAYKS One Backpack. Indeed, one of the best backpack that we had the opportunity to try and to use in the last 10 months. It is designed from travellers for travellers and it is completely built with recycled polyester. Read the full review. A great gift idea starting at 219€. 


This was our selection of the best 5 last-minute sustainable gifts for the holiday season. As said before, remember to buy less and buy better! P.S. feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments!