Wild Working: Tenerife Edition

2020 has been the most dramatic year in the history of tourism. The rebirth will be driven by the ability to adapt and to restart, how? Through innovation and sustainability. Wild Working is a project that wants to prove that is possible to mix sustainable tourism and smart working.

What is Wild Working?

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I will explain it by telling you what is the difference between Smart Working and Wild Working: Easy, just ignore the concept of Smart Working the world developed in the last months, as it is totally wrong. The one we call as smart working is just moving the office in our homes(that may be defined as remote working). But what happens if we decide to move our home? The aim of Wild Working is to change the conception of that, by suggesting future destinations and itineraries that will allow you to work remotely and explore and live the places around you. Doing so, you’ll be able to combine the possibility to move your office anywhere with the possibility to live and discover places that you couldn’t have imagined before covid!

Why Tenerife?

wild working

Choosing the location for the first Wild Working series has been a complicated process that had to take in consideration different factors:

  • Weather/Temperature ☀️ (two summers are better than a cold winter right?)
  • Cost of life ??(I’m not yet part of Ferragnez, that’s why I gave myself a budget of 600-700€ month for all my expenses);
  • Fast Internet Access (essential for smart working);
  • Places to explore ?️?️(if it is wild it must be WILD);
  • COVID-19 situations and local rules? (lockdown? No thanks!)

Finally, I’ve come to the conclusion that the best place where to start this epic and innovative project had to be Tenerife, the biggest of the #canaryislands and the most digital, but also the one offering the biggest variety of landscapes and climate. The perfect place where to enjoy an endless spring.

Don’t you ever get homesick?

Not really, or at least very rarely. The trick is to be able to, before to select the final place where to live, deeply explore the surroundings in order to be able to identify what’s the most suitable place where to spend a longer period not as a tourist but as a local, where to feel at home. In this case, the choice was between the warmer and commercial south and the mild and local north of the island. As I was looking for a more authentic and unique place the choice for me was easy, North Tenerife. So here is the decision: I’m moving to Puerto de la Cruz, welcome home ( at least for the next month).

What my favourite part of Wild Working?

wild working

The possibility to take your laptop with you in your car/van or leave it home and when you finish working just get out and discover the most remote and wild places. Being able to explore not only during weekends but also during weekdays, without having to worry to find them too busy or too crowded. But most importantly I am so lucky and I’m being able to enjoy wild nature instead of being locked home in a city. But not only explorations and adventures but the focus of this first Wild Working project was also to stimulate productivity and creativity while working. Believe me, when you are free to work wherever you want the concept of working drastically changes. You get the chance to revolutionise the approach to your tasks. Being positive, happy and relaxed stimulates your productivity and creativity. In fact, I have been able to work on some big news during my weeks of Wild Working, so stay tuned ?

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